• How much rock do I need per ton? 
    Measure the length times width of each area where rock is needed, then divide by 120. This will give you the amount of gravel needed at 2″ thick in tons.
  • How much is a cubic yard compared to a ton? 
    1.30 tons = 1 cubic yard
  • Can I get two types of rocks delivered in the same truck? 
    There is no way to separate the two materials on the delivery truck(s).
  • How do I know I received the amount I ordered? 
    All materials, excluding mulches, bark and planting mixes, are weighed on a State of New Mexico certified scale.
  • Why is the rock I received not as much as I expected? 
    To visualize, an average ton of rock is approximately the volume of an average bathtub.
  • Why does the rock I received have dirt in it? 
    The dirt you find in the rock is actually crusher fines. Some rock will contain up to 15% crusher fines. It is impossible to eliminate all crusher fines during the screening process.
  • Why does the rock I received not match the rock I ordered before? 
    Rock quarries have different veins of material. Therefore, variations in color may occur.
  • What is your return policy? 
    Once an order has been delivered and unloaded, or material has been loaded into your vehicle, there are no returns or refunds. Items such as flagstone, pavers, railroad ties are returnable if the packaging has not been broken. In this case, there is a 30% restocking fee.

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